Spicy Rabbit Papaya Salad Seasoning Powder.

Seasoning Powder for Spicy Minced Pork Salad

The global market for food and/or ready-to-cook products has shown a significant upward trend during the projected period from 2023 to 2030. Ready-to-cook food products refer to food or products that have undergone preparation, sizing, precooking processes, as well as the preparation of various components, and are packaged for direct sale to consumers. These products allow consumers to easily prepare them into various types of dishes, making them a convenient option for today’s consumers.

In addition to the region of Chanthaburi Province, the community enterprise of Nong Ta Hong has unique skills and recipes for producing curry and spicy papaya salad. This led to the involvement of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Burapha University, in supporting the development of local food products as cultural souvenirs of the province. Under this initiative, a team worked on producing the ‘Spicy Rabbit Papaya Salad Seasoning Powder,’ a product made with a hygienic production process. What makes this product distinctive is the inclusion of ‘Adenosma indianum (Lour.) Merr,’ a type of aromatic herb with various unique flavors. These flavors are known for their benefits in relieving dizziness and headaches. Furthermore, the nutritional aspects of this product have been analyzed by a certified laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Public Health, following ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards. This ensures that the seasoning powder is a clean product that meets production and nutritional standards, and it is packed for long-lasting convenience. It allows you to easily prepare a delicious spicy salad with the unique taste of an aromatic and distinctive herb.