The Por Dee Corner

     As a producer and distributor of products related to Chan cardamom and bustard cardamom, focusing on health and showcasing the distinctive herbs of Chanthaburi, we utilize cardamom seeds sourced from Soi Dao in the production of various beverage products, including cardamom coffee, bustard cardamom coffee, cardamom tea, bustard cardamom tea, cardamom-infused water with cloves, cardamom-infused water with cowa leaves, and cardamom durian coffee. Some products incorporate cardamom shoots, such as dried chili paste. In the non-food category, we offer the “Mee Bun” brand, featuring cardamom-scented products, yellow cardamom oil, cardamom balm, and cardamom soap. Our brand’s slogan is “Think of Chan Cardamom, Think of The Por Dee Corner.” Our products adhere to standards such as organic certification and good manufacturing practices (GMP). The product range includes cardamom coffee, cardamom tea, cardamom durian coffee, seabass cardamom chili pastes, cardamom three friends chili paste, cardamom fragrances, and cardamom soap.

Recommended activities
– Learning resources about Chan cardamom

Recommended products
– Cardamom coffee
– Bustard cardamom coffee
– Cardamom tea
– Bustard cardamom tea
– Cardamom-infused water with cloves
– Cardamom-infused water with cowa leaves
– Cardamom durian coffee
– Cardamom perfume
– Cardamom essential oil
– Cardamom cream balm
– Cardamom soap

Work hours : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel months : Entire year

Owner : Kanokwan Thanaputtanakul ( 085-182-3014 )

The sanitation and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism : SHA