Wanyao Bioresource Development Community Enterprise

      On an area of over 0.4 hectares, the community enterprise for the development of biological resources in Wan Yaow Subdistrict has extensively cultivated organic kumquat plants. For those interested, the harvested kumquat can be processed into various products such as kumquat jam and syrup. In addition to the processed products, the garden also offers interesting activities, such as teaching traditional tie-dyeing clothe techniques.

Recommended activities
– Teaching traditional tie-dyeing cloth techniques
– Processing of kumquats

Recommended products
– Kumquat paste, kumquats jam
– Kumquat water, herbal-infused kumquats for soaking (dried)
– Kumquat dipping sauce and holy basil
– Kumquat dipping sauce and holy basil (mixed with crab meat)

Work houre : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel month : Entire year

Owner : Bussarin Chaphandung ( 095-954-1070 )

Tourism safety standards : SHA