Large-scale Thai Pepper Farm

      The community enterprise “Large-scale Thai Pepper Farm” in Kaeng Hang Maew Subdistrict encompasses a total area of 14.4 hectares. Within the farm area, there are cultivation areas for various crops, including Thai pepper, rubber trees, durian, longkong, and pumpkin. Activities within the farm include guided tours for sightseeing and photography. Visitors can also purchase fresh produce directly from the farm or choose from a selection of processed products prepared by the farm. Additionally, there is a product processing room available for group tours, where experts in Thai pepper cultivation and processing provide knowledge to those interested.

Recommended activities
– Learning resource about pepper
– Demonstration of processing products from pepper
– Touring the garden, taking photos with pepper plants

Recommended products
– White pepper, dried and powdered
– Black pepper dried and powdered
– Three-color pepper (white, black, and green), dried and powdered
– Chan (Thai pepper) seasoning powder

Work hours : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel month : Entire year

Owner : Pattama Wongnopparat ( 086-174-7988 )

Tourism safety standards : SHA