Suan Ta Yak and Yai Mae Mod Garden

      “A forest garden with a diverse array of both fruits and local herbs, spanning over 1.2 hectares. The garden features a variety of fruits, including durians, mangosteens, longkong, salak, and cardamom, bustard cardamom among others. A refreshing stream flows through the garden from Khao Soi Dao, sourced in the nearby mountains, offering cool water for play and relaxation. In addition to the natural beauty, the garden provides activities such as cycling to explore the surroundings and leisurely fruit picking. It’s a perfect welcome for tourists seeking a tranquil and immersive experience in nature.”

Recommended activities
– Walking and riding a bicycle to explore the fruit garden
– Cardamom
– Hugging trees
– Listening to storytelling about the legend of cardamom
– Planting trees
– Steamed herbs

Recommended product
– Cardamom shoots
– Cardamom fruits
– Local vegetables

Work hours : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel months : All year round (except for the months of July, November, and December)

Owner : Chum Thoikham ( 081-663-3996 )

The sanitation and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism : SHA