BB Brackish Water Durian Garden

      Why does it have to be “Brackish Water Durian”? Because our geographical area has brackish water mixed with fresh water. The geographical conditions, along with meticulous care, make it the “Most Delicious Brackish Water Durian,” offering a sweet taste, with chewy creamy orange texture. If you have the chance to taste it, you’ll surely be captivated. In addition to providing delicious durians for sightseeing and tasting, the orchard also offers brackish water mangosteens and mangoes for you to choose and take home.

Recommended activities
– Learning and observing the cultivation of brackish water durian
– Touring the garden
– Purchasing fruits

Recommended products
– Brackish water durian

Work hours : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel month : Entire year

Owner : Bussaba Nakpipat ( 062-439-1687 )

Tourism safety standards : SHA