Crystal Farm

A picturesque fruit orchard, another attraction of Ploy Wan Subdistrict, is a natural gem due to its rich mineral resources, including various colored gemstones. Originally an ancient volcano, the soil here is enriched with minerals and natural elements, making it ideal for cultivating diverse varieties of durian, such as Chanthaburi 2, Puang Manee, Kradum, Mon Thong, Kanyao, and Musang King. Additionally, the orchard boasts rambutan, Longkong, and mangosteen. Within the orchard, there is also a natural spring, creating a delightful and serene atmosphere. Visitors, both local and international, are welcome to tour the orchard, witness the natural beauty, and purchase fresh fruits.

Recommended activities
-Learning centers for agricultural tourism
-Studying the natural environment around the spring
-Exploring various fruits in the orchard
-Offering savory dishes, desserts, and fruits to enjoy

Work hours : 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Travel months : Opening days: Early April to the end of the season.
*Reservations in advance is recommended.*

Owner: คุณเรณุกา ประสงค์ดี ( 081-782-6903 )

The sanitation and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism : SHA