Three-Flavored Milky Mushroom Mixed with Herbs

Three-Flavor Milky Mushroom is an alternative health product, or it can be considered a functional food in the herbal food category. The Faculty of Science and Arts has participated in supporting the development of this product. Originally, the “Community Herbal Enterprise with a Bright Heart” had cultivated Milky Mushrooms for fresh flower sales. However, mushroom farmers faced issues with the mushrooms becoming spoiled easily. This issue aligned with the research and development plans and activities of the Faculty of Science and Arts.

The Faculty of Science and Arts collaborated to develop and support this product which is ready to eat. The product includes Milky Mushrooms, which not only have a meat-like texture but are also rich in proteins. It is seasoned with local herbs that represent Chanthaburi province its reputation, including high-quality black pepper and galangal, resulting in a well-balanced and flavorful taste.

The product benefits nutritionally from the protein in the mushrooms and herbals like galangal and high-quality black pepper, which aid in the digestive system. This product can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a meal, such as with hot steamed rice or in a hot pot dish.